DEOS Cloud makes all the difference

Discover the many advantages of our solution tailored to your needs

With the rapid advance of digitalisation, new trends are constantly developing. In building automation, cloud solutions are a prevalent topic. These versatile solutions offer many advantages. For example, the need for locally installed computer hardware can be replaced, on-site service is no longer necessary and complex maintenance work such as updates or virus scans can be carried out automatically. As a result, such cloud solutions significantly reduce the amount of work and costs in buildings. Additional functions such as apps or IoT platforms make your day-to-day work even easier.

What makes us special is the advantages we offer you

Given the variety of solutions on offer, you may be wondering about the differences and advantages of the cloud solutions available on the market.

Our IT Manager Thorsten Javernik has a simple answer to this question: “DEOS AG’s range of products differs from its competitors in that it offers a tailor-made and complete package. It has been specially designed to meet the needs and requirements of building automation,” says Javernik. “As a German medium-sized company, we cannot offer the range of functions of the major public cloud providers such as Microsoft, Google or Amazon; we are realists. However, we can make our mark with clever combinations specifically geared to building automation and thus clearly differentiate ourselves,” says Javernik.

The development of our own cloud makes us independent from the large providers, we can respond to your individual needs and know exactly what happens with your data. The data is stored in our DEOS own data centre in Rheine, Germany, which is subject to EU law. The payment options are also practical and range from a monthly subscription to an annual payment of 1/3/5 years.

All advantages at a glance

  • Cleverly combined the best of building automation and IT technology
  • Private cloud instead of public cloud data remains in Germany and is subject to EU law
  • Full range of products and services – from cloud BMS, to energy reports, to remote maintenance, and much more
  • Flexible payment options – either monthly subscription or annual payment over a period of 1/3/5 years
  • Made in Germany 50 years of experience in building automation and integration

Our service offering

We combine the best of both worlds into a comprehensive and practical package: 50 years of industry experience in building automation with new modern IT industry components and standard protocols from the IT field. The result is our practical cloud solution DEOS Secure Network – with this solution we provide you with a holistic view of your requirements and ideas.

The private cloud includes features such as site networking, remote access, energy reporting or Alarm management. This comprehensive package is supplemented by additional offers such as upgrade services or individual service and maintenance options. We maintain the highest security standards in the implementation of all our services.