Additional savings with BACnet

Modernizing equipment during office operations
The Hamburg branch office of DEOS Gebäudeautomation, a subsidiary of DEOS AG, was tasked with modernizing the building automation of the ERGO Lebensversicherung life insurance provider without interrupting operations. The conversion affected the head office 1 of the insurance company in Hamburg. The order included the replacement of the entire existing direct digital control (DDC) technology and the implementation of an energy optimization system for the ventilation systems.

Savings of one million euros
The company moved into the head office 1 in 1974, which has office space covering around 40,000 m². Up to 2,000 people can work in the fully air-conditioned buildings. Calculations performed by ERGO indicated that the modernization of the air-conditioning systems would save around one million euros in energy costs each year.
DEOS Gebäudeautomation, which was responsible for installing and commissioning the new DDC technology, already had good experiences with ERGO when they converted the head office 2. The specialist for building automation systems was able to ensure that the ceilings did not need to be replaced - thanks to the special energy optimization system. This was a key aspect, as the equipment was converted without interrupting office operations.

No costs for additional routers
In the ERGO building Ü35, the frequency converters were connected to the OPEN EMS controllers of DEOS AG. These controllers function as native BACnet devices and support the BACnet protocol and also communicate with other BACnet devices via the Ethernet network. Since they are equipped BACnet MS/TP, they were directly connected to the existing frequency converters using their standard BACnet MS/TP interface. This provides a huge advantage, since it saves costs for additional routers, for example.