DALI Light Control

Light control system overview using DALI as an example

The Light Management Solutions use the DALI model for the light control in the field along with other common open communication standards, such as BACnet, KNX, DMX, etc. DEOS AG offers this cross-sector networked lighting solution integrated into in HVAC applications or as a stand-alone solution.

OPENproject - the free engineering tool for light management

The specially developed OPENproject tool provides essential support in light control engineering. You can find a detailed introduction on our homepage under Engineering. OPENproject ensures the easy and fast configuration of your light management and is available with the OPEN EMS system for free. It allows you to reduce your programming work by up to 60%.

Workflow-control light management

A controlled workflow in light management ensures quality and reliability in configuring lights in just four easy steps.

  • Step 1: Bus scan
  • Step 2: Addressing
  • Step 3: Group assignment (master tool)
  • Step 4: Light parameterization (master tool)

You can use the master tool to assign lights by groups, set parameters, control the brightness taking into consideration the incident daylight or implement changes while the system is running.