Redundancy - Hot Standby Controller

You can also set up an OPEN 4100 EMS with a redundant design to ensure the highest possible operational security of your projects.

This requires two controllers to be operated on a CAN-bus. The first controller (primary) is normally used for the control tasks. A second controller (secondary) is in standby mode. If the primary controller fails, the secondary controller performs the control functions fully automatically. To do this, activate the redundant option on the two controllers.

This application ensures maximum operational safety for sensitive systems and is available on the OPEN 4100 EMS controller with the C1 and C2 versions.

Functions in detail:

  • Automatic cyclic mirroring of all variables (incl. intermediate data) by the primary controller onto the standby controller (secondary).
  • Automatic switching from the operating controller (primary) to the standby controller (secondary) if the primary controller fails.
  • The standby controller virtually performs the functions "online".
  • Both controllers are operated on a CAN-bus. You do not need to manually switch the CAN-bus.
  • This does not affect the current operating mode of the system technology (e.g. reference controls, sequence controls, timer programs, etc.).
  • Changes to the timer programs, parameters and set-points in the operating controller are automatically transferred to the standby controller.
  • The failure of the standby controller is reported to the control room if it is not "enabled".
  • The operational system is only displayed on a system image at the control room.
  • If the control functions are no longer performed by the primary controller but the secondary controller, this is clearly represented in the system image (important error message, immediate need for action).

Please, read more information in our CAN HSB flyer.