DEOS Cloud Solutions

IT solution and service offerings for intelligent building automation

The IT solution and service offerings of DEOS AG – DEOS Cloud Solutions – offer individual system solutions and open up savings potential. The central BMS installation is securely connected to the networked buildings via the cloud service. We use standardized interfaces and protocols to simplify the integration into existing IT environments and create synergy effects between the IT and building automation networks with maximum cost savings for our customers.

DEOS Cloud Solutions - the components

The DEOS Cloud Solutions consist of different components that together form the IT safety concept for your building automation.

OPEN IT cloud services

The OPEN IT cloud services enable the efficient consolidation of server hardware, data backup, BMS software or energy management software at a central location – with all the corresponding advantages of a centralized approach. We develop an individual secure cloud solution for each customer, which is tailored to their requirements.

OPEN IT secure services

Today, cyber attacks pose a real threat to building automation networks. They can result in data loss, image loss due to negative press through to the personal injury. We guarantee protection against unauthorized access to your building automation network.

OPEN IT expert services

In-depth IT knowledge is taking on an increasingly important role for setting up and operating HVAC systems. This is where DEOS IT experts provide you with support with their expert knowledge:

  • Service offering for the end customer or his service partner
  • Personnel support by DEOS IT experts
  • Can also be ordered outside of DEOS Cloud Solutions for everything concerning the IT/BA network

We will happy to provide you with personal consultation on everything concerning our individual IT solutions and the secure IT operation of building automation systems.

Send us your request via e-mail to:

OPEN IT service portal

The web-based HTML5 service portal for operating building automation systems can be customized. Among other things, you have the following options in the portal:

  • Login-based assignment of rights
  • Clientless browser-supported access control
  • SSL VPN access, also for remotely loading the controller
  • Design (look & feel) can be customized

DEOS Cloud Solutions - advantages


  • IT security – DEOS AG specialists protect your IT network against external attacks.
  • Simplicity – worldwide secure system access through networking saves service time.
  • Scalability – central DEOS Cloud Solutions offer expandable capacities.
  • Cost-savings – no investment in your own IT infrastructure.
  • Future-proof – DEOS AG always keeps your system up-to-date.
  • Synergy – combining the IT/PC network and building automation network reduces investments.


DEOS Cloud Solutions brochure for download

You can download our brochures on DEOS Cloud Solutions here. Simply click the cover.