Redundancy - CAN-HSB Safety Ring Bus

The redundant controller activation

The CAN-HSB high safety bus is a development from DEOS AG based on the CAN-bus, which has proven itself all over the world.

To safely operate the CAN-HSB, use the two CAN interfaces of an OPEN 3100 C2 or an OPEN 4100 C2. A service technician can individually activate the two following operating modes on these devices:

  • The two CAN-bus interfaces are used independently in standard mode.
  • The CAN-HSB mode integrates the two CAN-bus interfaces in the safety ring bus.

In contrast to the simple CAN-bus, the CAN-HSB offers additional safety functions. In case a CAN-bus is interrupted, the entire system continues operating thanks to a redundant controller. The localizing diagnosis is performed automatically and a detailed list shows the user the CAN segment through which the connected IO modules can still be reached. This allows you to detect faults and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

You can operate up to 99 IO modules on one CAN-HSB. It is not necessary to modify the control program to use the safety ring bus.

Functional (FUP) modules designed especially for the CAN-HSB also display additional status information via the current operating mode and evaluate it. The permanent logging and testing of all data thus ensures the high-quality and availability of the bus communication.

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