IT Security in Buildings

Every building owner aims to achieve the cost-effective operation of their branches and buildings. IT security in building automation (BA) is another new and important dimension in today's debates. Building automation networks require increased protection against cyber attacks.

Our solutions for IT security in building automation

You will find an overview of our solutions for IT security in building automation below:

DEOS Cloud Solutions

IT solution and service offerings for intelligent building automation.

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Site networking

Secure site networking for your branches and properties and for your IT security in your building technology.

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High availability

IT system technology for high availability in building management system, technical expertise and service from our experts.

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Redundancy - hot standby controller

Set up DDC controllers in a redundant design for ensuring the highest possible operational security of your projects.

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Redundancy - CAN-HSB

CAN-HSB safety ring bus – for the redundant controller activation

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