Building automation for the healthcare sector

Health promoting room climate

Building automation in the healthcare sector for laboratories, hospitals or care facilities is an individual project. Apart from general building management, the requirements of laboratories, clean rooms, OP theatres or intensive care units present a particular challenge.

For operating companies, there are three core aspects at the forefront: The creation of a comfortable room climate for patients and employees, compliance with quality standards as well as economic operation of the facility.

Our DEOS solution concepts for the healthcare sector address these aspects and also create the necessary building transparency through integration in the existing system.

Speed up the recovery process of your patients

The well-being of patients is purposefully increased by technologies such as Human Centric Lighting (HCL). Combined with optimum ventilation with OPENdynamics, the recovery process can be shortened and the patients stay will be considerably more comfortable.

In order to simplify the daily routine, we offer a barrier-free and simplified operating concept specially for care facilities for persons with disabilities.

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