VAV/FCU Controllers

Individual zone solutions

The objective of VAV/FCU controllers in a complex HVAC system is to ideally control the temperature, humidity and air quality within a room or a zone. The supply air is treated based on individual set-points and environmental conditions, such as temperature or the CO2 level.

With complex HVAC systems featuring several zones, for example, the perfect temperature is ensured based on a number of set-points in the different rooms (office complex, hotel). This challenge is frequently solved by installing VAV controllers (variable air volume) in the supply air ducts.

With its Room Automation Solutions, DEOS AG offers new solutions for programming, installing and commissioning the VAV/FCU controller. It does not matter whether they are pure VAV or FCU solutions (fan coil unit) or whether both applications are combined in one building.
The intelligent system will identify the specific controller on the BACnet MS/TP or Modbus network automatically and integrate it to the system.

Our solutions at a glance:
  • End-to-end BACnet solution
  • Daisy chain cabling for the OPEN EMS
  • Automatic detection of BACnet objects
  • Automatic creation of graphics
  • Cloning function
  • Online trends and alarms

VAV/FCU controller engineering

The VAV/FCU controller is easily and quickly engineered using the specially developed OPENproject tool. You can find a detailed introduction on our homepage under Programming Tools. OPENproject is available with the OPEN EMS system for free.

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