VAV Controller


In VAV systems (variable air volume), the supply air is directly linked to the conditions in the rooms and zones. The calculated supply air volume increases with higher requirements or decreases with lower requirements. VAV systems are therefore very energy efficient and ideally suited for room climate control. Comparable CAV systems (constant air volume) require up to 60% more air volume, which, in turn, leads to greater energy consumption.

VAV controllers are easy to integrate

The new DEOS VAV controller – available with an integrated actuator or as a wall-mounted unit – sets new standards when it comes its integration capabilities in new or existing projects. The controller's free inputs and outputs cover the entire scope of VAV applications and allow flexible extensions or modifications for special demands.

Typical VAV applications are found in office towers, hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping centers and industrial buildings where the Room Automation Solutions from DEOS AG are deployed.

  • Freely configurable application-specific controller
  • Optionally available with a native BACnet MS/TP or Modbus controller
  • Connected to the room thermostat via 3 wires
  • Up to 4 inputs and 6 outputs
  • Optionally available with automatic pressure detection


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