Touch LED monitor with mini PC

Maximum user comfort in full HD

The graphical control unit for user comfort is our touch LED monitor with mini PC. This unit is especially powerful and reliable to use.

If a compact android built-in variant is required, we offer the DEOS Touch PC with 10.1" display. For cost-optimised applications, our Touch User Panel (TUP) is available.

Touch LED monitor with mini PC – Reliable and user-friendly


This control unit for use in the switch cabinet door is characterised by an excellent depth of sharpness.

Through the flexible combination of the three display sizes 15.6", 19.5" and 21.5" with two powerful mini PC variants, we can design our solution to your application. Not least due to 24/7 continuous operation, the DEOS system provides a competitively priced alternative to panel PCs.

The DEOS OPENview ControlPanel is used to operate the DEOS BMS (OPENweb). The DEOS OPENview ControlPanel enables direct access to established OPEN EMS systems.

All necessary drivers and DEOS applications are already installed and pre-configured in the Windows environment – which means that this solution is immediately ready to use.

Touch LED monitor with mini PC – Your advantages at a glance

The solution components can be used flexibly in a control unit:

  • 15.6", 19.5" and 21.5" as LED built-in monitors
  • Two Windows mini PCs, also for small building management system applications
  • For professional operation in full HD
  • Pre-installed DEOS program and unit driver
  • No additional programming necessary
  • Assembly sets included


Individual consultation by DEOS experts

We have other project-specific solutions in the touch LED with mini PC are available for you. Please contact us directly if you need other monitor sizes, multitouch function or new PC configurations.

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Detailed data sheets on our products are available to our partners and customers in the DEOS Partner Section.


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