OPEN SRU Single Room Controller with BACnet MS/TP

The OPEN SRU offers a wide range of applications. It is suitable for all types of HVAC controllers, ranging from simple heater controllers, fan coil and room air cascade controllers through to heating and cooling cascades. In addition, it can be used to control the lighting and shading.

OPEN SRU for room automation

In particular, the OPEN SRU Single Room Unit offers a high level of flexibility in room automation applications. The Room Automation Solutions from DEOS AG take advantage of this flexibility. The system is easily and quickly engineered using our specially developed OPENproject tool. You can find a detailed introduction of it on our homepage under Programming Tools.

OPEN SRU - the technical perspective

You can connect all bus-capable DEOS proprietary OPEN system control units and conventional devices from other manufacturers with or without buttons, set-point adjusters and digital displays to the OPEN SRU.

Our OPEN SRU Single Room Unit is freely programmable and as a native BACnet controller, it supports the BACnet protocol according to the ANSI/ASHRAE standard. You can connect it to any BACnet controller or BACnet BMS using the integrated BACnet MS/TP interface. It also features a KNX interface for connecting KNX room control units.

The OPEN SRU features 8 universal inputs, 4 universal outputs and 4 digital outputs - 2 of the digital outputs are designed as high current outputs. You can connect sensors directly to the analog inputs.

Additional technical information:

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