DEOS Sensors for Building Control

The technical sensors distributed in the building record the temperature, relative humidity, air quality and brightness to determine the operating modes (actual values). DEOS AG offers you tailored solutions for this field level. We offer various technical sensors in our range of products.


Please find our selection below:

  • DEOS room temperature sensor with/without control function 
  • DEOS outside air temperature sensor for measuring of temperatures outside of a building, in cooling/ deep-freeze storage houses, green houses, production- and storage halls
  • DEOS immersion/duct temperature sensor for the measuring temperatures in gaseous media of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (e.g. in supply/exhaust air ducts)
  • DEOS duct and room air humidity sensor for the measuring of relative air humidity (type FK) or relative air humidity and temperature (type FTK) in gaseous media of heating-, ventilation- and air-conditioning installations (e.g. in supply/exhaust air ducts)
  • DEOS brightness sensor for measuring lighting levels. It is used for controlling lighting, blinds, and mounted outdoors and industrial halls, etc.
  • DEOS air quality sensor for measuring CO2 content and mixed gas concentrations in gaseous media.

Additional technical information:

All data sheets are available for our partners and customers in the DEOS partner section.

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