OPEN EMS, new available in the OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 model

In addition to the well-known OPEN 710 or 810 EMS versions with connection options for 5, 12 or 32 IO modules, we are now offering this new fourth option. The OPEN 710 and 810 in the "/0" model has been especially designed for the following four applications, where you do not need any IO modules. This allows you to reduce hardware costs and take full advantage of the device's strengths for your individual applications.

Our application overview illustrates the versatile use of this DDC hardware. You can use it as a data logger, BACnet router, network controller or for controlling lights:

1. Using the OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS as a data logger via M-Bus, with integrated level converter and data storage - for efficient energy management (e.g. with OPENenergy)

2. With the OPEN 810/0 EMS as a BACnet router, you use the existing Ethernet infrastructure. With the OPEN 810/0, you can connect up to 40 BACnet MS/TP devices to the BACnet MS/TP bus (RS-485).

3. The OPEN 810/0 EMS operates as a network controller (head station) for use in room automation according to VDI DIN 3813, e.g. for hotel applications, schools / universities, hospitals, office buildings, etc.

4. The OPEN 710/0 and 810/0 EMS + DALI can be used for efficient light control with human centric lighting (HCL).


OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS: advantages in the application

  • Certified – OPEN 810/0 BACnet-based DDC hardware
  • Free graphic programming
  • NEW: straightforward programming using OPENproject
  • BACnet DataCenter included for reading out all BACnet devices in the network
  • Integrated 2-port Ethernet switch for cost-effective wiring (daisy chain configuration) and nonstop service

OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS: advantages for the building operator

  • Homogeneous solution – an OPEN EMS device type (DDC), instead of too many device types in the building
  • Reduced fire load – fewer wiring expenses, greater security
  • Economical – optimum use of the existing IP infrastructure (as a BACnet router)
  • Performance data – logging the remote meter evaluation in real time (as a data logger)

OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS: advantages for the system partner

  • Precision matching – fast and free programming with FUP XL
  • Straightforward – fewer wiring expenses, fast installation and simplified commissioning
  • End-to-end – identical equipment features and protocol support just like with the well-known OPEN EMS types
  • Reduced training requirements – an OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS (DDC) for a wide range of application areas

Additional technical information:

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