The OPEN 600 EMS (Energy Management Station) is designed as a native BACnet controller.

OPEN 600 EMS is equipped with 32 integrated in- and outputs and can be extended, depending on variant, with up to 5 OPEN IO modules. To operate the integrated inputs and outputs, you have to choose between types with and without manual operation. You can connect sensors with the measuring elements 10mV/K, Pt1000, Ni1000 DIN and Ni1000 TK5000 directly to the analog inputs via integrated transducers.

It offers you:

  • The new second Ethernet port allows easy, cost-effective serial networking (daisy chain configuration) and continuous service
  • BACnet protocol according to the ANSI/ASHRAE standard
  • up to 250 BACnet objects
  • Testing according to DIN EN 16484-6 and the BTL/WSP lab test plan
  • Certification by the BACnet Interest Group Europe
  • Fraport (Frankfurt Airport) BACnet approval
  • BTL listed
  • AMEV attestation with profile B
  • up to 112 physical data points.

Trend-setting new function: the second Ethernet port and the switch function save you both time and money.

With its integrated Ethernet switch, OPEN EMS is considerably easier to network: thanks to the versatile switch function – instead of a simple HUB function – that saves you additional external switching devices and their costs.

The second Ethernet port of the OPEN EMS allows you to wire several controllers in a daisy chain topology. This makes it easy to set up your Ethernet network, eliminating star-shaped central switch configurations. As a result, you can wire controllers directly, thus reducing wiring requirements by up 75% and saving you both time and money.

You can still use external switches as necessary. Here, the second Ethernet port offers you a key advantage: with Ethernet wiring, your service technician can work through the second interface without any Ethernet interruptions. He simply connects his equipment through the second Ethernet port.

DEOS leads the pack with these proven innovative IT trend-setting solutions for the MCR market.

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