M-Bus Controller

OPEN 710/810 EMS featuring two integrated M-Bus interfaces

There is no need to purchase M-Bus level converters.

The DEOS AG M-Bus controller offers a cost-effective and standardized option for connecting meters via two integrated M-Bus interfaces. The OPEN 710/810 EMS + M-Bus logs the current performance data in real time and integrates energy meters (electricity, gas, water, etc.). This acquired meter data can then be evaluated, e.g. in reports compiled by the OPENenergy energy management software.

M-Bus controller: extended connection of energy data meters

The existing option via the OPEN EMS (DDC) RS-232 interface featuring external level converters has now been expanded. Thanks to the two integrated M-Bus interfaces, the number of energy data meters to be connected is increased by another 120 (60 meters per M-Bus interface). You can also order the new OPEN 710/810 EMS + M-Bus with the extensions 0, 5, 12, or 32 IO modules.

M-Bus controller: use options

1. NEW: the use of the two integrated M-Bus interfaces featuring the integrated level converter on the OPEN 710/810 EMS

2. The connection of an external level converter via RS-232 -> M-Bus can still be used

3. The parallel use of the two integrated M-Bus interfaces and the use of an external level converter via RS-232 on the M-Bus (e.g. if over 120 meters must be connected)

4. Connection of the level converter via a TCP / IP controller if meters must be connected over long line lengths.


M-Bus controller: new also available in the OPEN 710/0 or 810/0 EMS model

The DDC hardware OPEN 710 / 810 EMS is now also available in the 710/0 or 810/0 model, eliminating the need for any additional IO modules. This allows you to reduce your hardware costs and benefit from the controller's flexibility at the same time. You can read more information here.


M-Bus controller: advantages for the building operator

  • Cost-optimized solution – performance data logging and remote meter evaluation in real time without needing to purchase external level converters
  • Standardized – M-Bus connection of consumption meters via a standardized M-Bus interface
  • Distributed meter connection – via RS-232 or TCP/IP for separate properties
  • Flexible and future-proof – up to 370 M-Bus meters can be connected via an OPEN EMS (DDC)
  • Certified – native BACnet controller OPEN EMS (DDC)
  • Enables evaluation via the BMS OPENweb as a trend evaluation or via OPENenergy in energy reports

M-Bus controller: advantages for the system partner

  • Precisely matched – the OPEN EMS can be quickly and freely programmed using ready-to-use FUP XL macros
  • Powerful – up to 2x 60 M-Bus meters can be connected directly as well as 250 meters via an external level converter
  • End-to-end – identical equipment features and protocol support just like with the OPEN EMS types without an M-Bus interface

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