IO Modules

The OPEN IO modules, which have a modular design and feature powerful communication properties, are ideally suited for all controller applications for technical building automation. They are compact, easy to install and can be universally used with various measuring elements.

You connect the power supply and the CAN-bus using a bridging connector. Field sensors and actuators are connected via removable plug-in connectors with screw or spring-type clamps up to 1.5 mm².

The LED status displays on the modules ensure a fast overview of your controller applications. Output modules are also available with switches/pushbuttons to ensure a comfortable manual control (acc. to EN ISO 16484-2:2003 and VDI 3814). The modules can also be used without switches /control keys. In addition, digital output modules are available with either transistor or relay output. Digital inputs can also be used as meters. A self check function of the modules is a standard feature as it is the installation at a din rail. Owing to the shape of the housing and its small dimensions, the IO modules can also be used with electrical switchboards and 35 mm rail mountings. The bus speed depends on the distance of the IO modules to the controller and is up to 1 Mbit/s depending on the bus quality. For several years now, we have successfully been using the CAN-bus, which offers high speeds and great deal of safety.

We offer the following OPEN IO modules, which are designed for wall mounting, for use in office buildings, schools, hotels, administrative buildings, etc.:

We offer the following OPEN IO module types for installing in switch cabinets, including the technical detailed information:

Digital in- and output modules:
  • Digital input module DI16
  • Digital in- and output module DI8DO8T
  • Digital output module DO8T
  • Digital output module DO8TH
  • Digital output module DO8R
  • Digital output module DO8RH
Analog in- and output modules:
  • Analog input module AI8
  • Analog in- and output module AI8AO4
  • Analog in- and output module AI8AO4H
  • Analog output module AO4
  • Analog output module AO4H

Additional modules:
Coupler module DS-PKM

The coupler module DS-PKM at the beginning of a series of modules is used to feed the 24 VDC supply voltage and the CAN bus. It is used at the end of a series of modules to access the CAN bus.

Such a series of modules may include max. 15 IO modules.

Measured value transformation module MT-R
By using a measured value transformation module MT-R, you can considerably expand the measuring range for resistance sensors of an OPEN IO module and connect resistance sensors with larger measuring ranges. NTC and PTC sensors can absorb resistance values from approx. 200 ohms up to 1 MOhm.

Using the MT-R allows you to connect these sensors directly to the analog inputs of the OPEN IO modules or the integrated analog inputs of the OPEN EMS. The measured value transformation module MT-R offers 8 analog inputs and outputs to which you can connect up to 8 PTC/NTC sensors.

Additional technical information:

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