GALAXY One - Room Control

Room control unit with CAN-bus or BACnet MS/TP

The GALAXY One is designed as a single room control unit for HVAC installations, lighting and blinds.

GALAXY One is integrated directly into the OPEN control system. You mount it in a standard installation socket. The communication is done via BACnet MS/TP or CAN-bus. With it's striking appearance and matching design frames made of glass, stone or stainless steel, this device is the perfect solution for stylish installations.

You can customize the control functions to meet your specific room requirements with the utmost flexibility. There is a large number of operating buttons as well as an illuminated LCD display with symbols for the HVAC technology. Depending on the type of the device, up to 4, 8 or 12 operating buttons are available (e.g. for setting values, lighting control or shading control). The control unit is equipped with illuminated operating buttons for colored feedback signals and an integrated temperature sensor.

Additional technical information:

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