Basic Controller for Intuitive Operation - OPENapp

The vision becomes reality.

With the OPENapp software application, DEOS AG has developed an efficiency solution for the technical building equipment, which combines intelligent technology with ease of use.

Thanks to the OPENapp, you save up to 90% of the project time and increase your working efficiency to the same extent.

This is achieved in a revolutionary manner with the OPENapp universal controller for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning using the graphic configuration, since programming skills are no longer necessary. The intuitive operation creates and clearly visualizes a whole plant scheme through a simple query function without any programming required. You not only save time but also costs for planning and commissioning!

This makes OPENapp the ideal and individual solution for small and medium-sized projects.

An overview of the OPENapp benefits:
  • Up to 90% faster implementation of your projects with OPENapp
  • Flexibly add units, such as pumps, valves or sensors at runtime
  • High range of functions ensures project flexibility
  • Fully graphic central operation on the OPEN 600 EMS
  • Reduced on-site costs: powerful web server allows remote monitoring
  • Reduced commissioning time
  • Parameters are saved by the OPENapp Manager upon project completion
  • Access control: various security access levels
  • Logic functions for special requirements

Current updates and software versions along with the documentation about OPENapp are available in our download center at no charge!

The standard controller OPENapp is available in two versions. Please click the respective version to find out more:


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