DEOS UK for Great Britain and Ireland is being founded in the year of the 50-year anniversary of DEOS AG. DEOS AG is awarded the LüKK Customer Confidence Prize.
DEOS subsidiaries DEOS control systems GmbH and DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH merge under the umbrella of DEOS AG to strengthen the market presence.
The internationalization of the corporate group is advanced with the founding of DEOS Controls Americas Inc. in Canada, DEOS EM (Energy Management) in Oman and DEOS Singapore.
All company branches merge under the umbrella of DEOS AG. DEOS China in Hong Kong is founded. The move into the new company headquarters with a large development and training area is another milestone in the success story of DEOS AG and an obvious sign for the rapid growth of the group of companies.
The internationalization of the corporate group is advanced with the founding of DEOS control systems Nederland B.V.
One of Europe's most modern SMD/SMT production lines is inaugurated at the headquarters in Rheine. This underscores the company's "Made in Germany" position.
DEOS AG in Switzerland and DEOS Australia are founded.
DEOS AG is founded as part of the increased international corporate activities; Plüth Regelsysteme GmbH operates under the name of DEOS control systems GmbH.
The company rigorously focuses on state-of-the-art IT standards, including the Internet, BACnet and Linux OS, by introducing controllers in an OPEN controller product line. A new era of building automation begins.
Stefan Plüth takes over the company from his father. Innovative strength and the pursuit of technological leadership form the driving force behind strong growth as well as the increasing internationalization of business activities. The company develops into a global player.
The first pre-programmed compact controllers are introduced. At the same time, a distribution and system partner network is developed throughout Germany, which is still one of the success factors of DEOS AG today.
Development starts on the first freely programmable, Cosmos modular system.
The company Plüth Energietechnik GmbH, a commercial company, is founded in the heating equipment sector by Klaus Plüth. This is the foundation for the current company, DEOS AG.