Fully automated SMD/SMT production at DEOS AG in Rheine

Quality at the highest level, 100% Made in Germany!

With its SMD/SMT production (surface-mounted device/surface-mounting technology), the DEOS headquarters in Rheine has one of the most modern production lines of its kind in Europe. Up to 10,000 circuit boards daily are fitted in this fully automated process for surface mounting electronic components. Each circuit board is subject to a strict, direct quality control within a complete (100%) individual inspection. Every device that leaves the production line is re-tested again. This is how DEOS AG achieves a high level of quality.

A modern, computer-controlled production planning program optimizes the system output rates. This allows us to process up to 36,000 components per hour with a positioning accuracy of 3/100 mm.


The tiny electronic components, starting with a size of 0.5 x 0.2 mm, are adjusted with lasers, positioned on the soldering paste that was previously applied on the circuit boards and then soldered in the furnace. These are later installed in switch cabinets, where they control the entire power supply of various buildings.

View to the DEOS SMD production line, one of the top production lines in Europe.

The DEOS in-house SMD/SMT production line is the heart of our production facility and allows us to respond very quickly and flexibly to customer demands. This is how we ensure total product availability with consistent high quality – simply put: 100% Made in Germany!