OPENweb – the basic package

Log book

  • User-specific security access levels
  • Assignment of individual views
  • Logging of user logins, logouts and operations with date, time and user name
  • Logging of parameter changes with date, time, old and new value carried out using OPENweb


  • User-specific security access levels
  • Graphic representation and recording of trend data
  • Unlimited number of trend curves in each diagram
  • Free and individual selection of trend data from different controllers
  • Free parameterization of the ordinate for each trend curve
  • Zoom function for the clear visualization of subsections
  • Print function
  • CSV export for further processing with external programs, e.g. Excel
  • Logging the trend data in a history when values change
  • Freely configurable query interval for each data point
  • Automatic connection for local OPEN EMS controllers

Graphical process visualization

  • Individual representation of installation graphics
  • Process-orientated animation of graphic objects
  • Number of supported image formats: vector graphic WMF, SVG as well as JPG, PNG, GIF, animated GIF
  • Representation of system graphics with graphic objects for the visualization of target, actual and event data as images, sliders, columns, texts, lines, color objects

Communication  driver

  • Proprietary standard TCP/IP connection (intranet or Internet)
  • Proprietary TCP/IP connection on demand (intranet or Internet)
  • Remote data transmission (e.g. via modem)
  • BACnet/IP (expansion module)

Event history

  • Automatic history of events and messages
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