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We offer our system partners efficient building automation solutions and energy management systems for intelligent buildings.

We are looking for:

DEOS AG is looking for system partners from the building automation, measurement and control technology and electronics sector in:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • International

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DEOS system partner M. Parth, company Itronica, Austria
„The telephone support has been providing me with competent assistance for years. Even with complicated questions, I can always trust that they will quickly have the right answers.“ – Roland Parth, Company Itronica, Innsbruck.
DEOS system partner M. Müller, company Bösch, Austria
„The speakers in the training programs come from the field and have a user-oriented approach. This quality plays a major role in sharing knowledge and the applications in-house.“ – Klaus Müller, company Bösch, Innsbruck.
Florian Dobner, company Oberwegner GmbH. Dietenheim, Germany
„We have been a system partner of DEOS AG for many years. Mainly due to the good product quality. We can rely on the fact that only state-of-the-art technologies and materials are used.“ – Florian Dobner, company Oberwegner GmbH, Dietenheim, Germany.

Why become a partner?

More than 250 certified system partners worldwide deploy our building automation solutions in their technical building automation projects. As a building automation partner, you benefit from our system solutions, which range from preprogrammed standard controllers to a freely programmable DDC system. In addition to the smooth system integration of third-party systems, fast engineering with our programming tools as well as support, service and our hotline which has extensive project experience, we offer you a real competitive advantage in the market.
To make sure that you can actively use this advantage at any time, we qualify our partners in practical training programs, where we teach them how to handle DEOS proprietary energy and building management software and the corresponding hardware products.

Fair partnership

As a system partner, you are very important to us, since your success is also our success. We offer a genuine and fair partnership.
We are technology leaders for building automation solutions and energy management systems. You can rely on the technology leader in building automation. Join us and become a DEOS system partner.

Brochure for downloading

You can download our brochure on the "Advantages as a system partner" here. Simply click the cover.

Additional compelling arguments for DEOS:

You would like to learn more before deciding on whether to become a DEOS system partner? You will find 3 compelling reasons for DEOS here:

1. We develop system solutions for building automation.

  • Complete – fully integrated system solutions and product range
  • Optimum – fast response times between control elements, controllers and actuators
  • Innovative – product innovations, such as hot standby controller, CAN HSB safety bus
  • Leading – one of the leading BACnet solutions worldwide
  • Certified – BACnet, BTL, WSPCert, AMEV B, CSA as well as the FRAPORT and espa-x voluntary tests
  • Future-proof – easy and extensive third-party system connections: KNX, DALI, MODBUS, M-bus, ..
  • Standardized – use of established industry standards, such as CAN-bus

2. We deliver quality.

  • Made in Germany – in-house SMD/SMT production line at our headquarters in Rheine (D)
  • Consistent – durable products
  • Tested – quality controls through individual functional tests and an overall inspection
  • Low – rate of returns, below 1% (below the industry rate)
  • Seamless – camera-monitored production process and laser-controlled component positioning
  • Trained – practical training programs for your certification as a DEOS system partner

3. We offer service.

  • Available – DEOS AG experts with vast project experience are available on our hotline during business hours
  • Same day turnaround – your orders are shipped by 2 o'clock on the same day
  • Fast – shipment to customers throughout Germany generally takes 1-2 business days
  • Worldwide - international deliveries are completed within a few weeks
  • Straightforward – easy configuration and operation
  • Professional – reliable warranty processing
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