OPENEMS控制器项目实例 – Energy Management Station

我们的OPEN EMS能源管理站系列,已成功在一万多个项目中使用。这里仅截取一部分,请您选择相应的类别:

Deos zentrale  rheine 02 big thumb



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Midtown1 big thumb

Office Building Ernst & Young, Israel

In keeping with the modern equipment of the new offices, innovative DEOS solutions will be implemented.

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Hong hong academy for performing arts big thumb

香港演艺学院 – 新翼


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Factory VIFON, Vietnam

The third factory of VIFON in Vietnam is managed by DEOS Technologies.

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Sgremax pic01 big thumb

Business and residential building Remax Plaza, Vietnam

The maintenance of all mechanical and electrical systems of the Remax Plaza is assured by the building management system of DEOS AG.

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P g pic01 big thumb

Factory P&G, Vietnam

The third largest factory of the P&G Group in Vietnam is managed by DEOS Technologies.

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OKZITAN office and hotel building, Germany

The building complex offers space for a hotel as well as an office.

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Tower ber quer hans j rgen koch dfs deutsche flugsicherung gmbh big thumb

Berlin Airport Tower, Germany

Equipped with DEOS technologies, the airport tower is the only building of the new Berlin-Brandenburg airport in operation.

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Um232635   2 big thumb

University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

One of the most modern university clinics in Europe places its trust in DEOS solutions for their building automation.

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Therme Erding bathing complex, Germany

The world's largest thermal baths rely on versatile DEOS solutions.

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Egat outside big thumb

Energy Supplier EGAT, Thailand

Thailand's largest energy supplier EGAT placed its trust in technology from DEOS AG for optimizing its climatic conditions.

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Hiltonabudhabiexterior hr big thumb

Hilton Hotel, Arab Emirates

Hilton Abu Dhabi has been modernized and provided with modern DEOS building management systems for ventilation and cooling systems.

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Ikea big thumb

IKEA Furniture Stores throughout Germany

Throughout Germany, several branches of the furniture chain IKEA were equipped with modern and trendsetting technology of DEOS AG.

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Ergo hamburg 2 300dpi big thumb

Life Insurance ERGO, Germany

During ongoing operation, the building technology was replaced by modern DEOS building automation in the administrative headquarters of the ERGO Lebensversicherung AG.

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