Windows 10

Future-proof and compatible – ready for Windows 10.
DEOS products are now released for the new operating system.
Microsoft started the official launch of the new Windows 10 version back in July 2015.
A new Windows version always comes with a degree of uncertainty: Do all programs work correctly under Windows 10? Where do I find the latest patches or new software versions? Should I risk switching over to the new operating system?
DEOS makes it very easy.
The intensive DEOS compatibility checks have now been successfully completed.
Only eights after Windows 10 went on sale, we can reassure our DEOS partners and users: "We have completely tested and verified the Windows 10 compatibility for our FUP XL development environment and our products OPENenergy and OPENweb7 – the web-based BACnet BMS," said Ludger Wessendorf, Head of Software Development. „Our customers only need a new licence file that we will provide on request.” Of course, this compatibility also applies to all language versions of these software products and thus the international markets.
As a result, DEOS system partners and users can switch over to the new operating system without thinking twice. The products do not require any patches or software updates.
For more detailed questions, please do not hesitate to contact the DEOS Support and DEOS Sales team. Write an e-mail!