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Erhard_dobler02_big_thumb Erhard M. Dobler, President of DEOS Controls Americas
Henrik_c.pl_th_big_thumb Henrik C. Plueth, Director of Sales and Marketing

DEOS AG Forms American Head Office in Canada

DEOS AG announced today that it has formed a new Head Office for Americas in Canada, which will operate under the name "DEOS Controls Americas Inc." The newly-established Canadian Head Office will be located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

DEOS AG is pleased to announce that Erhard Dobler will serve as President of the Canadian company. In his new position, Erhard will be responsible for leading the newly-formed Canadian company. Henrik Plueth got appointed as Director of Sales and Marketing. Together, Erhard and Henrik will be focused on establishing a greater sales and marketing presence within the America. 

"Our newly formed subsidiary will enable us to work more closely with customers and Regional Group Purchasing Organizations across the continent. We are committed to growing our American business and providing our customers with quality products and services that they have come to expect from DEOS" said Erhard Dobler.

"With the new Head Office we follow our international growth strategy also in the Americas, one of the currently most important markets for intelligent Efficiency Solutions and Building Automation worldwide." underlines Stefan Plueth, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DEOS AG.



DEOS AG is a global innovation leader in building automation, providing smart energy efficiency and energy management solutions. DEOS AG delivers Technology for Intelligent Buildings, developed and manufactured in Germany to reduce a building’s operating costs while increasing its comfort level. Its international business is based on local branches serving over 250 authorized system partners in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. DEOS AG is an international leading system provider of the BACnet® open protocol.



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