DEOS as a provider of OEM products

DEOS AG intensifies OEM-based business

In addition to producing HVAC system automation solutions for intelligent buildings, DEOS AG also designs and develops new, custom OEM solutions based on its in-house software and hardware products. This growing business sector is a further pillar of the corporate alignment strategy.
“In line with the requirements of our OEM partners, we conceptualise, design, develop and produce new products and solutions based on the existing platform. To this end, our partners benefit from a straightforward decision-making process and short lead times,” says Stefan Plüth, CEO of DEOS AG. “We develop solutions for our international OEM partners, such as manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, for example. Plus, we also offer design and development services for controlling devices, energy data loggers for energy management systems, energy meter reading and remote control systems, as well as
user-friendly operation and monitoring systems for manufacturers of radiant heating systems.”
New OEM partner in Asian-Pacific region:
Smart, remote electricity meter readings
We received our most recent OEM-based order through our DEOS partner in this region: For a globally active electricity meter manufacturer, Rheine-based DEOS AG has implemented a custom electricity meter reading and control protocol on an OPEN EMS 810/0 (DDC). The implementation of the meter-specific protocol enables the significantly more efficient operation of so-called “Embedded Networks”. A cloud-based OPENweb ensures the secure operation of buildings while cloud-based billing software is used to directly read the individual smart energy meters via the OPEN 810/0 EMS. This has eliminated the previous need for additional hardware and provided a future-proof business model. The new DEOS concept has also resulted in cutting building cabling expenditure. All of these factors combined, lead to improved economic efficiency regarding the overall solution for our OEM partner.

Further examples: DEOS AG has been successful in OEM-based business for years
We have been designing and developing custom OEM solutions for national and international partners and markets for many years. This includes, for example, a European-based manufacturer of ventilation systems for whom we have produced an adapted DEOS controller (OPEN EMS), which is being used successfully in the manufacturer's product in the branches of an American system catering business.
The OPEN EMS platform is also an integral part of the business model of an OEM partner in Singapore, where it is being used as a data logger that is capable of monitoring ventilation systems to an accuracy of 0.05 K.
DEOS AG has also joined in the energy transition efforts: DEOS products have been adapted and used for controlling and remote monitoring of wind farms. Other solutions range from trout breeding stations to breweries and distilleries.

Professional, flexible and cost-effective
It is not only economic efficiency that makes our OEM partners opt for DEOS AG: By combining longstanding expertise in the industry, professionalism, device ruggedness and flexibility, our experts at DEOS, together with the OEM partners, very quickly designed and developed a high-performance solution. The design and development period for the most recent project in the Asian-Pacific region was just a few weeks.
From Rheine, the OEM partner receives a well-crafted, ready-for-use solution, comprising the OPEN EMDS with custom-designed controller housing, programmed with customised software, along with the required documentation. Our OEM partners can sell “off the shelf” products; i. e. products that do not require additional programming or any other expenditure.

With DEOS to your OEM solution
With fifty years of experience in the industry under our belt , along with qualified experts, we will work with you to develop a custom OEM solution. Please feel free to contact us, so that we can devise an efficient OEM solution, tailored to your needs.
We look forward to receiving your OEM enquiry. The DEOS representative responsible for your region will contact you shortly:
Tel.: +49 5971 91133-20