DEOS AG is committed to helping people!

This year DEOS AG is supporting a notable humanitarian environmental protection project of the World Vision Organization in Western Kenya and is making an important contribution with this donation to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of the locals. This is why we are not sending presents and greeting cards to our longstanding loyal partners, customers and suppliers.#
With the contribution of DEOS AG, World Vision is investing in specific measures, such as disaster prevention by the reforestation of cleared land and procuring energy-saving stoves and micro-solar power systems for the population.

DEOS AG assumes responsibility
We, at DEOS AG, have also assumed responsibility for future generations by shaping the main core of our corporate philosophy around resource conservation and the efficient handling of energy. We not only want to use our technologies worldwide, we also want to help people responsibly handle energy and resources. The Karemo project of World Vision impressed us.

About the organization:
World Vision is a Christian relief organization focusing on the key areas sustainable development cooperation, humanitarian aid and development policy advocacy, which supports the children, families and their environment in the struggle against poverty and injustice. It is active all over the world in almost 100 countries. You can learn more here

About the project:
The Karemo environmental and disaster relief project, located approximately 400 km west of Nairobi, pursues the goal of comprehensively and sustainably fighting poverty with the local families. The confidence-building work of the local World Vision employees made it possible to develop measures together with the residents and sustainably improve the living conditions of the locals. The project content includes:

Reforestation and improving the soil conditions for agriculture
Using renewable energy
Establishing village committees and student environmental clubs for education and prevention

The ideas are frequently simple and thus all the more effective: energy-saving stoves consume 40-60% less wood and cause considerably less air pollution. Micro-solar power systems that generate light and power, replace expensive petroleum and environmentally hazardous cheap batteries. The residents educate each other. They become teachers for sustainably handling energy resources.


You can learn more about the Karemo project at