Alliance for Cyber Security

DEOS AG joins the "Alliance for Cyber Security" as one of the first manufacturers of building automation pro-ducts.

Rheine, August 2017
The merger of all major actors into an alliance for cyber security has the goal of raising the level of cyber security in Germany. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is working together with partners and information multipliers for the joint promotion of security.
Currently, more than 2,000 institutions, 80 active partners and 45 information multipliers are participating in this alliance.


IT security in building automation

From the perspective of DEOS AG, the topic of IT security is playing an increasingly important role, especially in the field of building automation. For the last five years, DEOS has been implementing partner projects which employ the new solutions for IT security of DEOS AG.
As a manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience of in building automation (BA), besides the classic BA products such as building management system, energy management software or automation stations, our offerings also include modern cloud solutions, IT project support and secure site networking for decentralized properties.
The demand for this issue is growing and, consequently, also the necessity to face the latest IT challenges in this field.


"Through our membership of the alliance for cyber security since July 2017, we ensure the receipt of up-to-date and valid information on acute threats in the Internet. As the manufacturer of secure building automation solutions, this allows us to react promptly and to quickly offer the necessary information to our DEOS system partners as well as their end customers", said Thorsten Javernik, Head of IT and Project Manager at DEOS AG, on the right of the photo.
Here you can find further information on the DEOS solutions with regard to "IT security in building automation".
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